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Labor Education in California


Labor education is a priority for the union movement today. From students first learning about the labor movement, to well-seasoned organizers, it is important to keep educating ourselves about issues such as organizing, bargaining, strategic planning, leadership strategies, the economy and public policy. Below are some links to many of the important educational programs happening across the state of California today.


Trainings for Union Members


Los Angeles Area:

African American Leadership School, UCLA Labor Center
• Asian American Leadership School, UCLA Labor Center
• LGBTQ Leadership School, UCLA Labor Center
• Spanish Language Union Leadership School, UCLA Labor Center
• Miguel Contreras Worker Resource Center, UCLA Labor Center
• Individually Designed Classes for Union Leaders and Members, LA Trade Tech


Bay Area:

• Latino Leadership School, Berkeley Labor Center
• CA Lead Organizers for Labor and Community Organizers, Berkeley Labor Center
• C.L. Dellums African American Leadership School, Berkeley Labor Center
• California Union Leadership School, Berkeley Labor Center
• College Credit in Labor Courses for Union Leaders, City College of San Francisco
• Occupational Health and Safety Trainings, UC Labor Occupational Health Program
• Communty Action Trainings, Third World Organizing
• Movement Activist Apprenticeship, Third World Organizing


Other Locations:

• Union Women's Summer School, Assocation of Labor Educators (location varies)
• Southwest Organizing School, National Labor College



• Open Learning Courses on Labor, National Labor College
• Online Labor Certificate Program, Cornell Labor Center


Labor Education Programs (for at least part-time students)


Los Angeles Area students:

• Dolores Huerta Labor Institute, for LA community college studnets
• Labor and Workplace Studies Minor, UCLA
• Labor Courses, LA Trade Tech


Bay Area Students:

• Labor Summer, UC Berkeley Labor Center (for all UC students)
• Labor Studies Program, Laney Community College
• Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies, San Francisco State Univesity
• Labor and Community Studies, City College of San Francisco


Online Degree Programs:

• Bachelor of Arts Degree, National Labor College (online degree program with one required week per semester at the Silver Spring, MD, campus)
• Union Leadership and Administration Master's Degree in Labor Studies, University of Massachusetts-Amherst (online MA program with a component at the Amherst campus)


Trainings for High School Students


Los Angeles Area:

• Collective Bargaining Education Program, UCLA Labor Center


Across California:

• California Federation of Teachers, Integration of Labor History into Public Schools (K-12), Contact Fred Glass