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Politics & Elections

The California Labor Federation works with local unions to elect “labor warriors” to federal, state and local governing bodies. We endorse candidates who support the issues that matter most to California's working families, and we fight to de-seat those who have proven to be anti-labor. We also provide analysis on how ballot propositions and referenda would affect California’s working families.

2014 campaign materials

Order your June 2014 campaign materials

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2014 Primary Endorsements

The California Labor Federation and local labor councils have announced Labor's endorsements for state and federal races and ballot measures for the June primary election.

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November 2012 Endorsements

Find out where California Labor stands on the November 2012 ballot measures and candidate races.

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Yes on Prop 30 – Take a Stand for Schools and Local Public Safety

After years of cuts, California’s public schools, universities and local public safety services are at the breaking point.

Once renowned for our world-class education, California now ranks 47th in per-pupil funding. Police have been taken off the streets and firehouses closed.  These cuts hurt California’s middle-class, working families, children and college students the most. We cannot keep cutting schools, universities and public safety and expect our economy to grow. We need to invest in our future.

Prop 30 gives Californians a real opportunity to take a stand for schools and public safety. Prop 30 is the only initiative that will protect school and safety funding, while addressing the state’s chronic budget problems.

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No on Prop 32—Stop the Special Exemptions Act

Proposition 32, a measure appearing on the November statewide ballot, is not what it seems. While it claims to be about “stopping special interests,” the measure actually gives special exemptions to corporate special interests, billionaire businessmen and Super PACs. It would do nothing to fix what’s broken in Sacramento. Instead, Prop 32 would give even more power to the wealthy and well-connected to influence elections, control government and weaken our state’s middle class.

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Yes on Prop 39 - Close the Loophole, Bring Dollars and Jobs Back to California

It’s high time we end the practice of shelling out taxpayer money to ultra-profitable companies that kill California jobs. Fortunately, there’s Proposition 39, the California Clean Energy Jobs Act, on the ballot this November. Prop 39 would eliminate this wasteful corporate tax loophole that rewards companies who move jobs and operations out-of-state. Closing the loophole also eliminates the unfair advantage out-of-state corporations have over businesses that operate exclusively in California.

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