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Join the #Fast4Families to Support Immigration Reform

By fasting, we hope to follow the examples of Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi to touch the compassion and sensibilities of our elected leaders to address the moral crisis of an immigration system that fails to comport with our national values, our creeds and belief in justice.

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November 11th: Veterans Day of Service to Thank Our Heroes

Those who serve our country in uniform risk their lives to defend and protect the freedoms we all value. But far too often, our nation’s veterans don’t receive the support they’ve earned or the services they need when returning home. California’s labor unions are taking the lead to change that.

“Labor and Veterans – Partners in Service” is a new project sponsored by California unions that spearheads helping veterans on three fronts: providing volunteer service, opening doors to good jobs and a special Veterans Day event to honor our heroes for their service. Click here to view the Veterans and Labor Public Service Announcement.

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August 14th: Car Caravan in Support of Immigration Reform

150 years ago, Thomas Baker welcomed travelers to rest and spend the night in his field... Baker's field. The road to freedom, citizenship and equality goes through Bakersfield. Let's travel the road together on August 14th!

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Take Action to End Enterprise Zone Giveaways to Walmart and Strip Clubs

California needs good jobs. But under the broken enterprise zone program, millions of our tax dollars are being wasted on strip clubs and mega-corporations like Walmart. It's time to end the enterprise zone abuse of taxpayer money.

Gov. Brown is proposing to flip the enterprise zone program so it provides incentives for good jobs for those who need them most in industries that build the middle class, like manufacturing. The governor's program would end the waste and abuse of our tax dollars that currently line the pockets of Walmart executives and strip club owners.

Please send a message to your legislators TODAY in support of the governor's jobs proposal.


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Take Action to Close the “Walmart Loophole”

The Affordable Care Act -- which is being implemented in California right now -- contains a provision that requires big employers to pay a penalty to offset the costs of public subsidies for their workers' healthcare.  But thanks to the "Walmart loophole," companies can evade this responsibility for workers on Medi-Cal.  They can avoid the penalties and the responsibility, but the outcome is still the same: "dumping" thousands of underpaid workers onto the public rolls.  

Take action to close the "Walmart loophole" --  sign the petition today!

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The Time is Now: Sign the Petition to Support Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Current U.S. immigration policy is a blueprint for employer manipulation and abuse, and both new American immigrants and American-born workers are suffering the consequences. We say, “¡Basta Ya!” or “Enough Already!” That’s why the AFL-CIO supports a comprehensive, worker-centered approach as part of a common-sense immigration process. Show your support by signing the pledge today.

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Sign the Petition: It’s Time to Invest in California Again!

The only way we can restore our economy and our middle class is to start investing in California again. The California Labor Federation has developed a six-point plan for rebuilding the economy and creating jobs. Learn more and sign the petition at

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